New Venues in town

New Venues in town

This weekend, we have our friends Tim & Pat in town for a quick visit following our bike ride across Minnesota.  Yesterday, we went looking for the Big Wood Brewery in White Bear Lake. Our son Jeff told me where to find it “back behind the Kellerman’s...
Summer 2015 Adventure

Summer 2015 Adventure

Our Biking Adventure Next week, several friends and I will be riding the Minnesota portion of the Mississippi River Trail (MRT).  Total mileage is approximately 470 miles with our shortest day being 55 miles and our longest day being 78.   The Mississippi River...

Us Guys and Joe

Last weekend, Tina and I had a short visit in Chicago to see out good friends, Us Guys and Joe.  The drummer, Tim McClelland, was a college era roommate of mine and we try to see the band whenever it is playing outside their basement.

Luckenbach, TX

Luckenbach, TX These days Luckenbach Texas is, to paraphrase John Steinbeck, a "State of Mind" – A Texas state of mind, where you can kick back, relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life—like a step back in time.

Visit to the Alamo

Our friends Tim and Pat McClelland are visiting this week. Spent a cold afternoon in San Antonio yesterday.  1st stop was Rideaway Bikes for a rental for Tim.  We plan to get in a few miles this week during his visit. Next we stopped by the Alamo and...


“By the end of 2011 the world will have reached 7 billion people. The United Nations Population Fund is leading an innovative global campaign to bring awareness to the opportunities and challenges that this milestone presents. But 7 Billion people means 7 Billion...